Public Value
through Equity,
and Legitimacy


The research symposium brings together scholars and researchers to explore various facets of public policy and governance. The week-long program encompasses ten diverse sessions, each addressing critical issues at the intersection of public administration, technology, ethics, and politics.

Topics range from examining the role of public-private partnerships in creating public value to the ethical considerations of human rights in the context of artificial intelligence.

Participants will also delve into the application of machine learning and big data analytics in shaping public policy, strategies for maintaining digital peace, the complexities of populism, and the promotion of inclusive public sector innovation. Furthermore, sessions will explore the impact of artificial intelligence on education and ethics, the challenges of decision-making in the realm of public policy, questions surrounding political legitimacy, and the art of negotiation in the public sphere.

The symposium serves as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and knowledge exchange, aimed at advancing the understanding and practice of creating public value.

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