The Innovative, Entrepreneurial, and Sustainable University (UNiES)


Organized under the framework of the International Academic Program IAP, UNiES’s fundamental objective is to provide tools to efficiently identify and develop entrepreneurship opportunities at universities.

The workshop aims to:
• Raise awareness and promote good entrepreneurship practices within universities.
• Investigate and use existing collaborative structures in the field of higher education to disseminate and implement entrepreneurship through reports, publications and/or training activities.
• Create a community of professionals in university entrepreneurship.

University entrepreneurship benefits society on many levels:
• It is the decisive pillar of innovation ecosystems that produce productive fabrics with added high value, quality employment, a growing spiral of knowledge, investment, and sustainable endogenous development.
• It is a source of funding for universities through the transfer of knowledge, the commercialization of proprietary technologies, and the creation of spinoffs.
• It opens trades to new frontiers as it attracts investments and smart capital and talent through the university networks it creates.
• Additionally, it strengthens and complements the traditional research and teaching missions of universities.

The workshop is developed for heads of government teams, and directors and managers of university entrepreneurship centers/programs who wish to promote innovation within their environment.

The diversity of methodologies used will promote an active and collaborative experience. There will be cases assigned to read, group discussions, group work, panel discussions, visits to various Boston area university entrepreneurship programs/centers/startup incubators, and a high level of networking.

Topics will include sessions on Biotech, Artificial Intelligence, Tech, Investment, Structuring the Business Plan and Exit Strategies, Patents and Intellectual Property, and Startup Incubators in the Boston area.

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