Management and Innovation in the
Digital Age


Be brought up to date on the current state of management research by a variety of innovative and practical talks and workshops led by leading experts.

By studying in-depth case studies of real businesses in the 20th and 21st Century, you will learn how the choices of strategic leaders can make or break a business. In addition to broadening and deepening your knowledge on the importance of well-crafted competitive strategies, you will have an opportunity to propose, discuss, and test your own ideas, often putting yourself in the shoes of C-level executives of major businesses and experience first-hand the case method for which HBS is so well known.

Alongside such practical experience, AMR includes innovation and problem-solving workshops that employ cutting-edge techniques to help you come up with solutions to seemingly intractable problems. You will practice re-framing common problems and be exposed to techniques such as Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) and Task Unification. You will end the program with a solid understanding of Design Thinking and how it can help businesses and research institutions craft potential paths for future growth.

You will collaborate with other top researchers and managers to discuss the main topics of management research, including:
Strategy: How do you build and sustain a competitive advantage in a fast-paced world?
Innovation: How can you come up with new ideas, and solve problems that no one else has solved yet?
Publication: How can you make your mark by getting your own ideas published?

As well as bringing you up to date with the most recent advances in management research, this course will broaden your knowledge of how a company can survive through globalization, advances in technology, and even the disruption of a company’s entire sector (for example: what decisions and errors have car companies made in response to the rise of Tesla?). This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their current research skills, find inspiration for a new field of research, or expand their network of top professionals in research and management.

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