IAP Academic Network (IAP AN)

The IAP Academic Network fosters an active community comprised of individuals who have participated in the International Academic Program (IAP) symposia that take place on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The network operates with the support of the Autonomous University of Madrid through the AlumniUAM program.

The group’s essential purpose is to promote the exchange of values and experiences among its members to support their teaching, research or professional careers.

Other objectives are to:

Build a strong international network

• Solidify a feeling of belonging
• Be a channel of communication for noteworthy contributions of its members
• Prioritize initiatives with a social purpose

Promote synergies among its members

• Establish joint research projects
• Exchange successful experiences between alumni from different regions
• Promote transversality and innovation

Facilitate and strengthen ties between IAP alumni

• Between Spain, Latin America and other parts of the world
• Among members from the same country


As a member of the IAP Academic Network, a group within the AlumniUAM Program, you will enjoy benefits of both aforementioned groups.

You will have:

An email account with "your name"@alumni.uam.es

And access to:

The eduroam WiFi network
Eduroam provides simple, easy and secure connectivity from thousands of access points in more than 100 countries.

Library Resources
More than 970,000 books, 27,600 maps, 134,500 electronic books, 90,000 magazine subscriptions in electronic format and about 200 databases.

An online language platform
Study up to six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) by designing your own training plan that can be adjusted at any time. Tests and a voice recognition system are just two of the many ways the software will help you improve your knowledge and oral skills.

A Jobs Board
The online ÍCARO UAM system contains the top professional job offers from companies and public entities. Employment opportunities are submitted to UAM. The university then pre-selects and submits the CVs of the strongest candidates for the position. Members’ CVs will be in the system if they choose to be included.

Information about events and activities
Online talks, work groups and videoconferences, among other ideas, will be programmed based on the preferences and needs that were expressed in the online survey sent to IAP alumni. In addition, there will be various educational and cultural activities organized by the AlumniUAM office.

Statute IAP Academic Network regulations available here

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