Literacy Campaign with Pre-Texts. Cultural Agents, directed by Doris Sommer of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University

In a world of technological advances and economic dynamism, masses of citizens and migrants remain excluded from rights and resources, in part because of illiteracy. Cultural Agents and IAP partner with universities to train trainers in a simple, effective protocol that uses challenging texts as raw material for making art projects. Students become users of books and combine cognitive rigor with creativity as admiration for all generates high levels of civility. Pre-Texts is the Prize for Education for Peace, given by Colombia's Ministry of Education to winning school districts, and works in many countries. Complex texts are prompts for creating a sound track, a choreography, a painting, a story-board, or a spoken word poem, etc. Pre-Texts develops avid and creative readers from all grade levels and socioeconomic environments by using often standard curricula as an excuse for making art.
Inspired by literacy campaigns in Cuba, Nicaragua, Spain and the USA, our Campaign counts not on governments, but on universities and networks of health providers to improve the public's well-being through literacy, a consistent indicator in all forms of human development.

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