Diagnosis of Open Science in Spanish universities and instruments for its transformation and improvement (DOSSUT)

The first project’s aims focused on analyzing the current state of implementation of the principles of open science in the Spanish university system, in order to diagnose and determine the availability of the conditions necessary for Spanish universities to join the open science movement with some guarantee of success.

Designing and developing responsible research with and for society can bolster the confidence and trust Spanish citizens place in their universities. In this sense, responding to the visions of European citizens and visualizing shared decisions for research and innovation should become the main elements on the horizon of our future responsible Europe. Offering a model to encourage the development of open science in the Spanish university system forms another of our objectives.

Spanish universities must address these processes and challenges. Several other European countries have released national policies on open science (such as the Netherlands, France, and more recently Portugal). The results of this project can also inspire and fuel a future national Open Science Policy in Spain.

The research team responsible for this project belongs to the Inter-university Institute for Advanced Research on the Evaluation of Science and the University (INAECU), an entity created by the Autonomous University of Madrid and Carlos III University of Madrid.

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